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Roger Finch
Swimming the world’s oceans

Hi, welcome to my new website. My previous site was dedicated to my last big challenge: swimming the English Channel, which I achieved on the 20th August 2011.

It was a fantastic accomplishment for me - a journey starting with some fulfilling achievements in pool long-distance swimming, through a couple of years of inland open-water swimming, to the deciding ocean swim from Robben Island to Blouberg Strand, Cape Town in 2009. After the Robben Island swim my mind was pretty much set to do the Channel but there was still the challenge of a really long ocean water swim to get through first: the Perth to Rottnest Island swim in Australia; 22km of tropical ocean swimming, and my first real expereince in long-haul swimming. I got the feeds wrong - not knowing anything about it - and threw up all my feeds during the last 14km of that swim. I’ve learnt alot since then: a lot before I got to Dover, thankfully, but the majority of it during my training at Dover a year before my Channel crossing.

Before I got to Dover swimming the English Channel was pretty much the only thing on my mind - there was absolutely nothing planned after that. Like tunnel vision, single-mindedly, getting to Dover and being fit and ready for an attempt, and achieving that, was my only goal. That should really read: “being fit and ready, getting there, and accomplishing the feat! Once I had done it, and of course after the months of elation, R&R, talks, presentations, etc, the mind wondered. What could I do next? It was not too long before the obvious set in and I had cast my mind to the next encounter with the English Channel: a Double Crossing, now already booked for August 2013. Roughly 110km, definitely a full night through, and an estimated 30-36hours of swimming. It’s a massive challenge - did I mention I’ll be 55 when the time comes - but there are some other adventures I would like to get behind me first. Now that I have some real experience behind me I am going to give the Perth Cottesloe-Rottnest swim another go. Last time I almost failed because the whole feeding-during-swimming was very new to me and I got it so very wrong. Last week of February 2012 I am going back to Perth, not specifically in seach of a better time or placing but certainly to complete it in a better manner, and more importantly, a better condition than the last attempt! If I can finish without throwing-up it will be a marked improvement!!

My next swim after Perth will be the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in June 2012. This is an exclusive event narrowed down to only 40 swimmers each year, by invite following an application procedure. Luckily all-but-one of the support crew I had for the Channel crossing have commited to joining me for this and, again, it won’t be about making any records but just accomplishing the feat.

Perth and Manhattan are both just parts of the process leading up to what can only be described as the greatest challenge of all: the double English Channel crossing. As mentioned before this is booked for August 2013, and there is a lot of work to do between now and then. Please stay with me - I really do feed off the encouragement and interaction with you all and as I work through my challenges I ultimately hope to pass on some inspiration to you to pursue your own, and achieve your own succeses.

My thanks to my wife Lindsay who has been my focus, my lighthouse, and my rock in all of my endeavours, and to the team of people, globally, that support and encourage me daily.

Thank you.